Meet The Creepiest Christmas Tree In North America

Photo: EyeEm

There once was a mall in Canada that had the creepiest Christmas tree that was right out of your nightmares. Mic Mac Mall had a really frightening looking Santa in the 80s and 90s. The Christmas tree with the messed up face was a fixture back in the day. But it has returned!

The Christmas tree with a frightening clown face is named 'Woody'.

Not only is it creepy looking, it also talks.

“If you have not yet seen Woody the Talking Christmas Tree — be warned — you cannot unsee it,” said one eye witness after the tree came back. “It is nightmare fuel, but you cannot turn away.”

Jimmy Fallon recently gave Woody the Christmas Tree a shout out, likening him to the “red-light, green-light” girl robot in Squid Game.

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