Reality Star Hospitalized After Selling Her Farts In A Jar.

It started out well. Stephanie Matto, famous from 90 Day Fiance, decided to bottle her farts and sell them to fans at outrageous prices. She says she made lots of money. But things went horribly wrong.

She was selling the farts in a jar for $1,000 each. And her factory was producing 50 jars a week.

But then she started feeling horrible. She told Jam Press: ‘I thought I was having a stroke and that these were my final moments. I was overdoing it.’ 

Stephanie was taken to the hospital where the doctor broke the news about her breaking wind. After hearing that she downed 3 protein shakes and a bowl of black bean soup, her doctor told her the "stroke" was not a stroke. Or a heart attack.

‘It was made clear that what I was experiencing wasn’t a stroke or heart attack but very intense gas pains,’ she said.

‘I was advised to change my diet and to take a gas suppressant medication, which has effectively ended my business.’ But that hasn't stopped her from raking in cash from her over 250,000 followers. Instead of getting real farts in jars (remember that Christina Perri song "Jar of Farts"?), she is selling digital artworks of them on blockchain. 

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