Tennessee Titans Have A Plan To Keep Bengals Fans Out Of Nissan Stadium

San Francisco 49ers v Tennessee Titans

Photo: Getty Images

Titans fans (and the team) are sick of out of town opposing fans filling Nissan Stadium at our home games. So the team has tried one of the ways within their power to make it harder for Cincinnatti fans to bring their orange and black swag into our home playoff game.

Although Bengals fans are excited to have won their first playoff game since the first George Bush administration... transferring your Titans tix to them will be harder.

If you bought tickets directly from the Titans or their official NFL ticketing arms, you cannot transfer your tickets to someone else until 24 hours before kickoff (that would be Friday at 3:30pm). It's hoped that this will discourage fans from making the 4-5 hr trip from Ohio to the game Sunday.

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