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The Horrible Secret That May Make You Hate Cadbury Cream Eggs

cadbury eggs

Photo: Getty Images

Easter is almost here. And if the Easter Bunny hasn't gotten all his treats for the kid's baskets, he may want to know the horrible secret about Cadbury Creme Eggs.

They sell 200 million of them every year. And for those that care about how they're made, they have a special stamp. The stamp says "Cocoa Life". It's a stamp that means the candy egg candy is ethically sourced.

Not so fast! Investigative journalists have found that they are NOT ethically made. The Cadbury supply chain actually has children as young as 10 years old getting cocoa for the Cadbury Creme Eggs. Those same children make less than three dollars a day. The reporter found those kids hacking at plants with giant machetes and no protective clothing. He says children sustain serious injuries.

Reporter Antony Barnett told The Sun, “The farmers are paid so little they can’t afford to hire adults to work on the farm so they have to use their children. So they take them out of school to work on the farm. But there were also cases where it wasn’t children belonging to the family, but they’d been brought from elsewhere to work on the farm.”

He went on to say, “We didn’t have to go looking for children working on farms – we visited four farms in 12 days, during the harvest, and found evidence of child labor on every one.

Representatives from Cadbury "strongly refute" what the investigative reports say. Cadbury is a subsidiary of the Mondelez company.

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