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House Sells For Over 800K With a "Squatter" In The Listing

House for sale, pending sign in front yard. No people.

Photo: Getty Images

A house in Virginia had five cash offers (over asking) for a home that a squatter in the basement, and it was listed this way!

One of the offers was accepted! So they knew there was someone living in the basement without a lease and bought it anyway,

It was promoted to be sold  "AS IS ONLY" with a mention of the person living there who would have to be evicted. This proves it's a buyers market. One comment on the internet said

800k for 5 bd, 4 ba, and your own serial killer.

This house has more than just a creepy person in the basement. It also has a deck that is not legally up to code, rotting windows, a broken dishwasher, and an upstairs toilet that leaks onto the bottom floor when flushed. What a dream home?!

But let's get back to the squatting. According to Rodgers-Rickert Realty, there are actually 2 squatters there right now. One of them has been calling the basement home for 3 years. He doesn't pay rent or have a lease. He's there illegally.

The current owners realized it was a seller's market. So instead of going through the hassle of courts and eviction, they just sold it "as is". It worked. One person realized this resembles a movie, commenting "Cool we finally got a sequel to Parasite (2019)" 

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