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See "Weed Bride's" Awkward Face As Guests Get Loaded Into Ambulances

Photo: 📷 Seminole County Sheriff's Department

We have the bodycam footage of the police arriving on the scene of a wedding where guests unknowingly ingested amounts of weed put into the food. The bride and caterer have been arrested and face felonies for food tampering and other charges. Some people were hospitalized with symptoms of weariness to heavy vomiting. It's unknown if the children at the wedding reception ate any of the THC.

In the video, cops are telling caterers to bring everything they were packing up to collected as evidence.

According to DailyCaller.com, someone said “We all have been affected somehow … by what was put in the food.”

“Apparently, supposedly, your food had cannabis inside of it when your guests ate it. Did you guys authorize that?” the policeman asks two people who appear to be the bride and groom. “I have no idea,” the man responds.

The whole time, the woman we think might be the arrested bride, Danya Glenny, just awkwardly smirks at the camera.

Glenny and the caterer, Joycelyn Bryant, were charged with tampering, culpable negligence and delivery of marijuana after law enforcement found Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Turns out the weed was in the lasagna and bread.

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