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Woman Wakes Up After 2 Year Coma And Identifies Her Attacker... It Was

Woman lying on the floor at home, epilepsy, unconsciousness, faint, stroke, accident  or other health problem.

Photo: Getty Images

A West Virginia woman was attacked in her home over 2 years ago. She was found upright on her couch "attacked, hacked, and left for dead," per a statement on Jackson County Sheriff's Department's Facebook. While the weapon was never found, they believe it was hatchet or axe.

Somehow, 51 year old Wanda Palmer survived the attack. She's been in a coma since then (over 2 years). Until she woke up and identified her attacker.

When Wanda woke up, the police came to her immediately. While she was only able to give "yes" and "no" answers, she identified the man who chopped her with an axe and left her die: her brother.

Daniel Palmer, 55, was arrested for attempted murder and malicious wounding.

In the initial investigation, there were no phone records or surveillance footage that gave them any real clues as to who dunnit. There was one witness that reported seeing Wanda's brother on her front porch the night before the attack.

We're glad she survived and woke up from the coma. If her brother did do it, you have to think he was rooting for her to never wake up. Or worse, that he would try to finish the job.

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