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Toddler Picks Out Creepy Doll, Mom Is Freakin' Out

One mom's trip to the Spirit Halloween store with her kids turned into nightmare fuel. One of her twins picked out the creepiest doll. And everyone is unnerved.

In the post, The Washington post writes:

Brittany Beard was not expecting this when she took her daughters to the Spirit Halloween store.

She brought her two girls - Briar Rose, 3, and Belle, 8- to get some inspiration for costumes and decorations for the upcoming holiday.

Around this time of year, "we always go and check it out and look at Halloween costumes," said Beard, 33, who lives in Groveland, Fla. Perhaps, she thought, her daughters would dress up as princesses this year.

But as they walked around on Aug. 22, Briar was not interested in tutus and tiaras. Instead, she had her sights set on a demonic-looking doll. Once she locked eyes with the

"Creepy Baby Doll, she decided she wanted it to be hers.

" have to have it, Mommy," Briar begged her mother, who tried to redirect her daughter to toys that did not appear possessed.

But Briar told her: "it needs me."

Comments were all over the place.

"It needs me" Yeah to transfer souls

This is the start to every horror movie ever.

So she loves something most others wouldn't. Who cares?

The doll just need a lil lotion 😂 she got eczema.

Yeah, no. You can say no. The "needs me" part is just over the top creepy. Parents have to be parents, not buddies or ATMs.

Somebody taught her well. Love isn't about appearance.

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