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Three Trick Questions Cops Use When They Pull You Over

Crime: Policeman gives driver a traffic ticket.

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Talked to a lawyer who had some simple advice about being pulled over by the cops. He said they have three "trick" questions.

Here's how to handle them, politely (while holding onto the rights you have as a citizen).

Policeman giving driver speeding ticket

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Trick question #1 "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

What he's trying to do is get you to admit to something. That's admissible in court.

You can do one of two things. 1) You can say nothing and tell he/she you're invoking your 5th amendment right.

or you can say 2) "I don't know".

The worst thing is to say something like "I was speeding." or "I ran the red light.". Even if you want to be honest, don't say anything. What if you admit to speeding, but he was about to tell you he pulled over because your tags expired? Now you have two things against you.

Stressed woman drive car feeling sad and angry.

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Trick question #2 "Where are you coming from?"

He's trying to discover information that might draw some conclusions. If you say "I just left an after-work party", he's definitely got a reason to think you might be intoxicated.

Instead, kindly invoke your 5th amendment right to stay silent.

Young Man in Trouble on the Road

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Trick question #3: "Do you mind if I search your vehicle?"

Don't say yes if you don't want them to. They can only search your car if they have your permission or if they have reasonable cause. If you say "yes", the officer doesn't need probable cause.

That's where you very respectfully decline to give consent.

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