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Chess World Scandal: Did Winner Use Vibrating A--- Beads To Cheat?

Photo: Magnus Carlsen 📷: Getty Images

The professional chess world is ablaze in the most insane scandal. A young American is being accused of taking down the world's Grand Master by cheating. How? Using "secret signal" vibrating anal beads. That is not a typo.

With no actual evidence to support the theory, the internet is on fire with the theory that 19 yr old noob Hans Niemann from San Francisco must have cheated to take down the champ, Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen. Niemann stunned the world by beating the chess champ in a tournament in St. Louis.

Shocked by defeat, 31 year old Magnus Carlsen left the tournament early where there $350,000 in prizes. In that tourney, Carlson was the reigning 5-time world champion and hadn't lost in 53 matches. He was the highest ranked player there. Hans, the man who took him down was the lowest.

Despite no evidence of cheating, online observers claimed Niemann must have used a way of cheating that the chess world forbids.

They guessed he was using a system where an AI, or another chess pro, gives signals via vibration when the cheating player is about to make a wrong move.  According to Riverfront Times, people surmised he didn't use the usual method of a vibrating source in his show. Instead, they figured he used a “prostate massager” or “wireless anal beads”. There is no evidence and Hans was frisked before the game.

SpaceX And T-Mobile Hold Joint Event In Texas

Photo: Getty Images

"'Talent hits a target no one else can hit," Elon Musk wrote in the now-deleted post, "genius hits a target no one can see (cause it's in ur butt).'"

This is all happening while Hans Niemann has been kicked out of chess.com for what they say is cheating online. They say they have the receipts.

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