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New PC Game "Trombone Champ" Being Called Better Than Guitar Hero

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Remember when we were all obsessed with Guitar Hero and expanded into the lure of Rock Band? You'd be frantically trying to line up your guitar movements with those moving lines on the screen. We used to sweat! We cared. Well, it's time to care again.

But instead of mastering the guitar like Guitar Hero, there's a new PC game that wants you to master with the most compelling of wind instruments, the trombone. Trombone Champ is out and is getting serious consideration for Game of The Year.

Hilarious? Yes. But a serious game reviewer says he's serious when he says it's award worthy.

Christopher Livingston from PC Gamer said:

Yes, my performance was terrible and if Beethoven wasn't rolling over in his grave it was only because he'd already burst out of it, staggered around shrieking, and then vomited. But in Trombone Champ, playing the trombone badly is just as much fun as playing it well, which is just one reason why I love it.

In fact, since trying out Trombone Champ for the first time this morning it's become—and this isn't a joke—a serious Game of the Year contender for me. It's a blast. Or rather, it's a toot.

We're glad you like it Christopher. Wave your trombone flag high!

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