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Nashville Entertainer Suing These Celebs Over GOAT YOGA

Goat Yoga Lawsuit!

Khloe Kardashian and some Nashville entertainers are being sued for doing yoga with goats.

The plaintiff is a Nashville entertainer who performs wearing a giant goat head. He's taken Khloe, Kevin Hart, Sophie Turner and Nashville resident Maren Morris to court over his "emotional distress."

The local man has partnered with PETA to protest the mistreatment of animals. The yoga goats do not have horns because they've been burned off shortly after birth. He said said, "I cannot get over knowing what these animals have gone through just for entertainment purposes of these high-profile individuals, who were making light and promoting goat yoga."

Kevin Hart and Khloe participated in a goat yoga class for his unscripted streaming series on Peacock, What The Fit. (Source: Radar Online)

Personal take:

All of us at Woody and Jim Show have done goat yoga, and loved it. (Please don't sue us)

These Nashville goats did NOT have their horns burned out. The farm workers that worked the goat yoga were very kind and protective of the goats.

The local man captioned one of his recent social media posts with "do whatever floats your goat! 👍🏻".

In light of this lawsuit, it seems letting a baby goat walk on your back while you're in downward dog position does not apply to his "whatever floats your goat" phrase. Even though that literally floats a goat.

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