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Viral Emu 'Emmanuel' Fighting For His Life

Close-Up of an Australian Emu

Photo: Getty Images

Emmanuel The Emu is sedated and the only bird left alive on the farm where he lives after an avian flu ran rampant.

Emmanuel the emu became super famous on the internet when his caretaker, Taylor Blake featured him on her videos and always warned him not to attack the phone. But Emmanuel often did, to our delight.

But now he needs your positive vibes. On the Georgia farm where he lives, they had been trying to keep a flock of Egyptian geese away.

“At one point, there were are many as 50 of them that would fly in every night at the same time. We would chase them off, and they would return under the cover of darkness,” Blake said on twitter.

Taylor tweeted “I will do anything and go into any amount of debt to save his life”. Florida wildlife officials say the stagnant water after Hurrican Ian has helped spread the virus that has killed all the other birds at Emmanuel's farm.

Let's keep a good thought for Emmanuel and we hope he pull through.

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