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Abandoned Puppy On Road Waited Days For His Humans To Come Back

A Labrador dog is playing with a stick

Photo: Getty Images

What kind of people would leave a dog on the side of the road? Just no.

Instagram user @pintsizedbuffalo picked up a puppy that was left on the side of the road by someone who didn't want him.

The good news is... he's found a forever home. The saviors for the dog named Oakley wrote:

"This is what we’ve been up to the last week, have you met our foster Oakley? Oakley was dumped on a country road with two other dogs where they stayed there for over a week waiting on someone to come back for them… but they never did. No food, no water, no shelter besides the tin horn under the road. Oakley was the first pup we caught and the other two were captured in the following days. All three pups found have finally found foster homes where they they can heal and come out of their shells and a rescue agreed to cover the cost of their medical expenses, food and all the things needed to get them on the road to that spoiled pup life. They are all the absolute SWEETEST most lovable dogs and they just want someone to love them back.

People. Quit dumping your freaking dogs!! Be responsible and don’t make them someone else’s problem. All 3 of these are going to make some of the most loyal loving pets but now it’s going to cost a stupid amount of money to get them back to where they need to be. I don’t care what excuses you THINK you have, to dump a dog in an intersection and then DRIVE AWAY is about as freaking low as scum can get. Whoever you are, may you actually rot like you left these poor innocent souls to do."

If you find you can't care for a dog or cat, please bring them to Nashville Humane, your county's animal control, or any of the other shelters that can help them find a new home.

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