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After DNA Test, Mom Discovers She's Also Her Daughter's Uncle.

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How in the world can this happen?

A woman had a paternity test done and found out she is indeed her daughter's mother, but also her uncle. Can a woman be a kid's mom and dad?!

It turns out she is a human chimera.

What does that mean?

Tests indicate the mother, who was documented by genetic scientists earlier this month, has some remaining DNA from the male twin she absorbed (let's just say it, she ate her twin) before she was born.

So she is her child's mom. And since she has some of her brother's DNA, she's also the kid's uncle.

And data seems to show this isn't a rare thing. Juan Yunis of Colombia’s Instituto de Genética said not many cases get documented, but he believes it's much more common. They call it chimerism, where the genes from the "vanishing twin" stick around in the surviving person.

Some of you may remember the episode of The Office where Dwight told everyone that he ate his twin, and therefore, has the strength of a man AND a baby.

Both Zac and Ricki from the Woody and Jim Show know 5 people who ate their twin. So this proves it's a thing. Or they pick their friends in way that is very different way than the rest of us.

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