Woody and Jim

Woody and Jim

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Fav Tik Tok Follows Of The Woody and Jim Show

We like to play Tik Tok Tag on the Woody and Jim Show. We each share one of our favorite follows on Tik Tok accounts. That way we can share what we love and maybe give each other ideas for a new follow.

First, we have Ricki's pick.

Lewis Capaldi. "Lewis Capaldi is the funniest mother-bleeper ever". - @ThatChickRicki

Tik Tok Tag..... Jim, you're it.

"I follow Mo Mountain Dogs. This woman picks up dogs in the coldest parts of Alaska and takes them on a ride in a heated bus. Then they bring them to nature spots and let them frolick. The dogs LOVE it and they are totally with the program." -@jimchandler1075

Tik Tok Tag... Zac!

"I'm always looking for a home remedy, plus this guy's hot. He tells you how to crack your own back!" - @radiozac

Tik Tok Tag... Woody!

"America's treasure, Jennifer Coolidge, just joined Tik Tok with this amazing post." -@radiowoody

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