The Fastest-Growin Suburb In Nashville

It's no surprise Nashville is growing bigger and bigger by the day! Everywhere you go you'll see a crane or a new condo building that's going up but the one thing that is growing bigger by the day is not just Nashville, it's the area outside of Nashville.

The suburbs of Nashville have seen the most population increase.

According to a new study done by LawnStarter shows that 11 suburbs had a more population increase than the city of Nashville! You'll be surprised at who grabbed the #1 spot

Coming in at #1 was Mt. Juliet for population growth over the span from 2010-2015. Nashville's poplation growth only grew 9.1% while Mt. Juliet grew 27.3%

We seriously would've thought that Brentwood (12.69%) or Hendersonville(9.11%) would be #1 for growth.


Want to see the rest of the list? Check it out HERE >>

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