Things Every Tennessean Has To Do Before They Die

If you live in Tennessee you know there are some really cool things to do in this great state. Some things you can spend a Saturday doing and some stuff you would need the whole weekend. Well we have a few places to visit and things to do in Tennessee before you die.

First things first! You have to go to Loveless Cafe and get the biscuits! These things are so good you could probably even make a meal out of them! 

Another thing to do is check out the Parthenon over in centennial park. It is an actual replica of the Parthenon from Athens. Here's a quick little video about the Parthenon. 

You may have already done this but take a stroll down broadway. Every bar you walk past has some sort of live music going on at anytime and you'll even see a bachelorette party from time to time if they are not screaming on a paddle tavern.

Another thing is you have to get the crap scared out of you by visiting the Bell Witch Cave. You've probably heard many stories about this place but you just have to visit it and experience it for yourself! 

Now this next one is going to be tough to get in but if you time it just right you must check out a night at the Blue Bird Cafe! So many people have been discovered there and even from time to time famous musicians will stop by to play a few tunes for the lucky people in the crowd. 

What else should people check out in our great state before they die? Here are few more you can check out HERE >>

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