Chrissy Teigen's Flight from LAX to LAX

So Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were en route to Japan to celebrate New Year's Eve in Tokyo - except they had to turn around 4 hours into their 11 hour flight (OMG worst nightmare).....because one of the passengers was on the WRONG FLIGHT!

HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN!? Obviously everyone on the plane (and on twitter) had that same question.

So they turned the plane around and went all the way back to LAX.

Then they had to WAIT as the airline and police looked into the issue. Luckily they hooked up Chrissy with some good TV (not sure if the rest of the passengers got this luxury)!

Fortunately for all of us following this saga on Twitter, things got weirder once all the passengers boarded their new plane.

All in all, this was a TERRIFIC story to follow and luckily, everyone ended up safe and everything worked out okay! Minus the HUGE inconvenience of course!

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