Honky Tonk Glass Recycling Hits Broadway

Megan Barry announced via Twitter that early in her administration, she went on a ride-along to various bars along lower Broadway and saw how many glass bottles were being thrown out as opposed to recycled.

(I choose to believe she is a real-life Leslie Knope)

This initiative aims to cut back on the amount of glass beer bottles going into landfills - an estimated 2/3 of the 6,600 tons of trash produced downtown last fiscal year was believed to be glass.

For the initial launch the recycling program (named Honky Tonk Glass Recycling of course!), recycling trucks will stop by 20 restaurants on lower Broadway for 2 pick ups a day, 7 days a week!

In my opinion - this is an awesome idea! With more people moving to Nashville each day, more tourists visiting PLUS a soccer team that is sure to increase traffic, we should do all we can to help make our city as environmentally friendly as possible!

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