Hidden Speakeasy in Nashville Takes You Back in Time

There's a bar tucked away in Nashville's midtown that mimics a prohibition-era speakeasy!

It's so hidden that there isn't even a sign on the building - you gotta find it the old-fashioned way.

To make it an even more "legitimate" speakeasy experience, there are the following house rules.

1. No cell phones! Bars DEFINITELY were different in the 20's without people being on their phones (you CAN however text - just no phone calls)!

2. You must be seated to order a drink and it's first come, first serve.

3. Enjoy the company you came with! Men are instructed not to start talking to the women without being invited and vice versa. If you're looking for a casual 21st century meet-up, try a Broadway bar instead.

4. Every drink is handcrafted - so you may have to wait a while (and the prices are very 2018, as opposed to 1920 - so bring some money!)

The bartenders even dress for the time period!

Now gather up your friends, get your best Gatsby dresses and try to find The Patterson House!

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