Man Buys Homeless Woman Lunch Every Week

Greg Smith lives in downtown Orlando, and is just a guy looking to make a difference in the world. He is the founder of Hybrid Athletes. and is constantly traveling around downtown Orlando working.

Greg saw a homeless woman and realized that he had seen her every day for an entire week and she had not asked him for money. Each day, she simply said, "Good morning sir, have a great day. God bless!" He mentioned on Facebook that he wears a suit daily, and gets asked for money quite often downtown, but this one homeless woman, Amy Joe, had never asked him for money. Instead she was just a friendly face wishing him a good day.

He asked Amy Joe to have lunch with him, and every Tuesday for 30 minutes to an hour, the two enjoyed lunch and each others company. While Amy Joe did not have much, she was always positive. Then she dropped the bomb on Greg...she could not read.

She was not in her situation because of drugs, alcohol, or poor finical decisions...but simply because it was difficult for her to hold a job since she was never taught to read. Any money that Amy Joe received from kind strangers she did not use for food.  Instead she would take the money and check out library books to help her learn to read.  Greg turned their weekly lunch dates into something much more, he began teaching her how to read. 

He was able to not only help Amy Joe learn how to read, but financially help her change her life around. 

He shared Amy Joe's story on Facebook not to get attention or praise, but in hopes that it would hit home with the people it reached. He asked his audience, "Who is your Amy Joe?!?!" 

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