Kardashians Backstage Secrets That'll Ruin the Show for You

It's no secret that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is not a 100% reality TV show...

BUT there are some backstage secrets about the show that surprised even me!

1. Kim's Missing Earring

One of the most iconic scenes in the show...COMPLETELY STAGED. Kim never lost anything! Actress of the year!!

2. Kourtney/Scott Fights

...some of the bigger ones were apparently staged (this further proves my theory that Scott is actually not a bad guy and it was all just for the show).

3. Kris Humphries Proposal

I guess Kris (Kardashian) didn't like Kim's reaction when Kris (Humphries - this is confusing) proposed...so she made them re-do it. That marriage was doomed regardless though.

4. Khloe Didn't Want a Spin-Off

You may remember Khloe and Lamar...apparently Khloe wanted nothing to do with it - it was Lamar's idea and she went along with it to make him happy.

5. Cameras Only Stopped Rolling Once

And that was while Lamar was hospitalized in 2015 - filming stopped for a whole week while he recovered.

6. Christmas Card 2013

Remember this...interesting Christmas card they did in 2013? They made it seem like it was David LaChapelle's idea but apparently, Kanye was the brains of this operation!

7. Kourtney Didn't Want a Show

No surprise here!

8. ...And She Used to Cry in the Bathroom

Not one for being overly emotional, she used to cry in the bathroom in the beginning of the show because she wasn't comfortable crying on camera. But she would have to cry as quietly as possible since she was still mic'd.

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