Nashville Allergies are the Worst!

If you feel like middle Tennessee creates some of the worst allergies're right! Nashville is known as an "allergy capital" and is consistently in the top 30 "Allergy Capitals" of America.

Here are some tips to surviving this allergy season:

**we are NOT doctors, so these are just some general tips, make sure you always double check with your doctor before you try new mediciations, etc.**

1. See a doctor!

Vanderbilt has an Asthma, Allergy and Sinus Program that can tell you exactly what kind of allergens you're allergic to and possibly prescribe some antihistamines.

2. Pick up some local honey.

There isn't any concrete scientific evidence that honey can reduce allergy symptoms but many people swear by it. Also, the Archives of Microbiology stated that honey CAN have antimicrobial properties.

3. Pay attention to the weather.

A quick Google search for "Nashville allergies" can tell you the daily/weekly pollen levels so that you can make sure to spend less time outside on those super high level days!

4. Wash, wash wash!

You can bring in allergens every time you go outside and come back into your house. Washing your clothes/sheets/etc often can help eliminate as many of those particles as possible.

5. Wear a mask.

They aren't always the most fashionable but they may help keep out up to 95% of small particles, including pollen and other allergens.

6. Do a nasal rinse.

You can buy a rinse kit or make your own if you have a neti pot!

7. Over the counter allergy meds.

There are tons of different options - antihistamines, nasal sprays, decongestants, eye drops, inhalers - just talk to your doctor before you start them!

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