Kris Jenner Makes Tristan Pay $10 Million Every Time He Cheats

A source told OK! that Kris Jenner forced Tristan Thompson to sign a $10 million dollar contract saying that he'll deposit $10 million into a trust fund for True every time he's caught cheating.

Kris hopes that this will prevent him from cheating again, but if he does, at least the baby will be set for life!

Tristan is apparently worth $20 million already plus his annual salary of $15 million...but that will run out quickly if he keeps up his antics!

The source also said:

“She’s been through it all with her girls, and at this point, she knows exactly how to take control, no matter the situation.”

Whether you love or hate Kris, she always looks out for her kids (well at least their bank accounts)! 

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