These Restaurants Offer Free Food for Mother's Day

I love a good bargain - especially if it's something for free that requires minimal effort. SO I made a list of all the different offers that you mothers out there can get this Mother's Day!


THE FREE FOOD: a "MOMosa" or free meal

THE CATCH: not every Melting Pot location will be offering it so check first plus mom has to be dining with 3 other paid adults

THE RESTAURANT: Fleming's Steakhouse

THE FREE FOOD: a 3 course Mother's Day brunch from 10am-3pm

THE CATCH: check your local restaurant location to see if they are participating!


THE FREE FOOD: free slice of strawberry pie

THE CATCH: need to purchase at least an entree

THE RESTAURANT: Medieval Times

THE FREE FOOD: free meal

THE CATCH: this one requires a road trip - the closest location is in Atlanta plus you have to buy another adult ticket to get the free one

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