Nashville is Selected for Special Lyft 2-1-1 Program

As Nashville continues to grow, the city is continuously being selected for special programs and events and it's exciting! The latest service to come to Nashville is Lyft 2-1-1 - a program that gets people to their doctor's appointments, job interviews or to help with veteran services. Lyft teamed up with United Way to get this program going and it's only being offered in 12 cities in the US!


Lyft already has committed $1.5 million to their program Lyft Relief Rides, which provides free rides to people in crisis, and this will just be an extension of that service.

Not only will people who contact 2-1-1 have access to a free ride, they also will be in touch with a free, confidential help line operated by United Way that will give referrals and information 24/7.


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