The Dictionary Calls Out Kylie Jenner

By now, most people have seen the "America's Women Billionaires" issue of Forbes with Kylie Jenner on the cover. Honestly, it's awesome! She's 21 and has a company of her own that is raking in money like crazy. KUDOS GIRL!

HOWEVER, some people are pointing out the fact that Kylie is NOT in fact a "self-made" billionaire as the cover states. She definitely created a company of her own but being born into a wealthy family doesn't exactly scream "self-made."

Even weighed in on the issue and schooled both Kylie and Forbes for claiming that she meets the definition of self-made.

I guess you know you've made it when the actual dictionary comes for you!

Some people took a different approach to the whole issue though - saying that the dictionary was really just doing its job and teaching us what words mean!

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