Avoid These Airlines if You Want to Save Money

Flying is extremely convenient but also expensive! Most roundtrip flights cost upwards of $200 but when you add on all of the fees, it ends up being even more. Here are the top 10 airlines that charge the most in fees!

  1. Spirit: $51 per passenger

  2. WOW Air: $49 per passenger

  3. Allegiant: $49 per passenger

  4. Frontier: $48 per passenger

  5. Jet2.com: $43 per passenger

  6. Qantas Airways: $43 per passenger

  7. United: $39 per passenger

  8. AirAsia X: $33 per passenger

  9. HK Express: $33 per passenger

  10. Wizz Air: $31 per passenger


The biggest hit for most customers is the baggage fees, which amount to about 40% of airline income!

So what are your options for low-fee airlines?

Southwest is one of the only 2 airlines that doesn't charge for your 1st checked bag (the other is JetBlue) and the ONLY airline to let you check 2 bags FOR FREE! Although you do have to deal with not having an assigned seat.

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