Man Spends $12,000 to Become a Rabbit

A mechanic in Pembrokeshire, Wales has spent over 12 GRAND on six-foot tall bunny suits to turn into his alter bunny ego, named Keel.

He said he's been obsessed with rabbits since he was a child and even has his own pet bunny, Pop Junior.

Obviously, he wears jeans and a t-shirt when he's at work but on his days off, he transforms into a rabbit - he said it makes him happy and serves as an "escape" from everyday troubles.

He said the following about his obsession:

When I was born I had a yellow bunny rabbit toy and I’ve loved rabbits ever since. But it wasn’t until the age of 15, when I found the toy in my parents’ loft, that my obsession really began. I started to buy more cuddly rabbit toys and then one day made a suit out of one of my plushies. There’s no limit on how much I’ll spend on my obsession.

While he said a lot of people come up to him to get their picture taken, his love for dressing up as a rabbit is also met with criticism. He said:

"But I get a lot of people who think my lifestyle choice is weird – I’ve had rugby boys try to tackle me and people even telling their children to punch me."

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