Did Kim Kardashian and Drake Hook Up?!

Kanye and Drake recently had some beef, right before Drake dropped his latest album Scorpion. According to a lot of fans (and Nick Cannon...we'll get to that below), there are subtle hints on the album that alludes to a possible hook up between Drake and Kim Kardashian at some point in the past few years.

Read the whole thread here:

ALSO, people think Kiki (the one from In My Feelings) is Kim, since that's a nickname she has been called by her sisters for years.

Nick Cannon also seemed to hint that Kim and Drake had a thing at some point. 

(Skip to the 31:00 mark, explicit language ahead)

So what's the truth?! We may never know or Drake may drop a surprise track tomorrow regarding it cause that just seems to be how 2018 is going.

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