These 90's Trends are Making a Comeback!

Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, said to be on the lookout for these 90's trends making their way back to fashion!

1. Butterfly Clips

Apparently, Etsy has seen a 400% increase in searches for butterfly clips over the last year - except the new ones will be more realistic-looking and less sparkly (BOOO)


2. Fanny Packs

If you've been to any festival this summer (looking at you, Bonnaroo), you probably saw upgraded versions of the 90's classic. However, kids these days call them belt bags instead.


3. Windbreakers

Young celebrities like Hailey Baldwin and Malia Obama have been seen wearing them and searches for them on Etsy have gone up by 27%


4. Shell Necklaces

This one surprises me, I thought (and hoped) that it something that died in the 90's/early 2000's...searches for handmade shell necklaces have increased by 5000% WOW!


5. Glasses Chains

They used to be used for functionality and now they're a fashion piece!


6. "Mom" Jeans

Those jeans your mom used to wear that you always thought went up too high are now IN STYLE! Now's your time to shine, mom!


7. Denim Skirts

I literally just got ride of my jean skirts a few years ago...just in time for them to be back on trend.


It's like deja vu!



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