Catch Up With Wells Adams

Wells Adams is back on your radio in Nashville -- and we're so happy to have his witty jokes taking over our airwaves during the weekdays on 105.9 The Rock and weeknights on 107.5 The River!

Wondering what you missed while Wells was away? Catch up with him below!

Wells vacations in Mexico

Wells and girlfriend Sarah Hyland took a little time away from the real world and relaxed in Mexico. And trust me, the pictures ARE going to make you jealous.

Wells moved to LA

Wells and Carl the bloodhound packed up and drove across the country to LA. It's safe to say that Carl is adjusting just fine!

Wells returned to Bachelor in Paradise

Wells returned to ABC's Bachelor in Paradise as everyone's favorite bartender. 

Wells & Sarah got EVEN CUTER

We didn't think it was possible -- but the pictures truly say it all 😍

Wells & Brandi Cyrus had new guests on Your Favorite Thing Podcast

Catch up with all of the new episodes of YFT Podcast here

Stay up to date with Wells Adams on social media & by turning on your radio!

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