Dad Calls for a Change to Men's Restrooms

Donte Palmer, a father of three, took to Instagram to call attention to an issue that often gets overlooked: the lack of baby-changing tables in men's restrooms! I mean, it makes sense - fathers are parents too and should have the same accessibility to changing tables. He posted the following picture of him having to balance his son on his legs on the floor of a public restroom in order to change him.

He told that the issue is so prevalent that he has stopped looking for changing tables at all and just assumes that there won't be one. He went on to say the following about father's roles:

“Taking care of children has been a job deemed necessary for women. At times society complains about the presence of fathers not being involved but in all actuality there are a ton of fathers willing to step up to the plate.”

Hopefully by bringing awareness to this, more companies will start offering updated bathrooms for fathers to use.

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