Kardashian/Jenner Family Ranked by Net Worth

Ah, the Kardashian/Jenners. 

One family that has so much money that I actually start to black out a little just thinking of their sheer combined wealth. I always assumed that Kim had the highest net worth since she started the show and was the face of their family for so long! But the #1 breadwinner is actually....


The youngest of the family actually has the most net worth coming in at $900 million (which you probably remember from her Forbes cover a few months ago). Most of her income comes from her beauty brand but she also gets money from endorsements, her clothing line and of course, her KUWTK paycheck.

2. KIM

Kim does come in second, which should be no surprise. But her net worth is less than half of Kylie's: $350 million. Most of her income also comes from her make-up brand, KKW.


Her income from KUWTK and her own show, I Am Cait, combined with endorsements and speaking deals from the Olympics pushed her to the third spot with $100 million!


The matriarch of the family comes in 4th on the list with a net worth of $60 million...which comes from her 10% management cut of her kids' earnings, being an executive producer of KUWTK and her TV paycheck.


Khloe's income comes from her clothing line, Good American, and the money she gets from KUWTK which gives her a net worth of $40 million. Not bad considering just 2 years ago, her net worth was only $15 million!


Kourtney makes most of her $35 million by being an executive producer on KUWTK and her many social endorsements.


She makes most of her money from modeling, along with her KUWTK salary and her clothing line with Kylie - this puts her net worth at around $18 million.

8. ROB

The rest of the family may not mention him anymore but he still has a net worth of $10 million from KUWTK and his show Rob & Chyna.

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