Things You Do That Bartenders Hate

Being a bartender is not an easy job - ESPECIALLY in a town with an extremely lively bar scene (Saturday night on Broadway comes to mind). Everyone wants your attention at once, it's loud, people are sloppy and you're basically working on tips. Plus, the people who don't even tip after they get their drink! So how can you make your bartender not hate you (and their job) when you order a drink?

Well apparently you can get on their good side by NOT doing any of the following:

  • Expecting them to give you free shots or drinks

  • Waving your money or card around to try and get a drink faster

  • Ordering as a group but paying individually

  • Spilling drinks all over the bar

  • Getting up to the bar and not knowing what you want

  • Complaining about prices

  • Snapping your fingers at the bartender (omg)

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