Bride-To-Be Makes Friends Fight to Be Bridesmaids

There are tons of stories out there about huge bride-zillas but this one may take the cake...and the kicker? SHE'S NOT EVEN ENGAGED YET!

That's right, according to a Reddit user (who happens to be the not-yet-bride's SISTER), referred to as "The Gnat," sent out a text to all her friends saying 

"Congrats! You've made it to the final round of the Bridal Party Brawl!"

The text went on to list all of the specific requirements potential bridesmaids needed to meet in order to secure their spot in the wedding including:

  • A wedding gift (cash or check) of at least $500

  • Attendance at each bridal shower with a gift valued at at least $50

  • A promise to host a party for the couple at a venue that isn't a house

  • A "wedding day" gift valued at $100 or more

Oh yeah and she wants you to sign a CONTRACT saying that you'll meet said requirements without trying to get reimbursed by the bride and groom for any stress or wasted time.

I guess we'll see how many friends this woman has left after this.

To read all the texts, click here.

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