Secrets About the Kardashians That You Don't Know

Kanye was too busy playing Connect Four with his friends that Kim had to rely on Kourtney during the birth of Chicago. Also, Kim doesn't even remember how they ended up choosing the name Chicago!

Before deciding on Saint, Kim almost named her son Easton West.

Kendall has the word meow tattooed on her lip.

Kylie Jenner used her mom's face all over her Kylie Lip Kit merch...without telling her.

Kim's engagement ring from her very short marriage to Kris Humphries cost $2 million dollars and was 20.5 carats.

Kris Jenner was supposed to meet up with her good friend, Nicole Brown Simpson, they day after she was murdered. Kris believes that Nicole was actually going to tell her about the domestic violence in her relationship and show the photos of her injuries, that were later found in her safe after her death.

Kendall and Kylie caught Caitlyn dressed as a woman when they were 7 and 6 years old but it was just something they never talked about.

Khloe believes that her body image issues started following the death of her father in 2003 and only started to fade away following her divorce from Lamar Odom.

Kylie didn't tell anyone in her family that she was getting lip fillers because she knew they were against it.

In terms of getting paid for their show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner gets the lump sum of money and then she decides how she's going to divide it among the family. The last time they renewed their deal with E!, they were offered a cool $150 million.

Kim believes that her Paris robbery was meant to happen to her and it made her less materialistic.

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