Kanye Mad About New Leaked Footage of Kim and Ray J

The saga that never ends! 15 years (and 2 marriages) later and people are still talking about Kim's infamous sex tape with ex Ray J.

A week after Kim admitted that she was high on ecstasy while filming the tape, new intimate footage of her and Ray J has leaked (who leaked it? Ray J? Kris Jenner?).

Apparently, Kanye isn't too pleased with the new tape!

A source told OK! Magazine the following:

“Kanye is not happy about the latest Kim and Ray J tape,” the source said. “Kanye is furious, has a bunch of questions about the penis pipe tape and feels pretty sure Ray J is behind the latest leak. Kanye is demanding some answers, he wants to know why Ray J would leak this tape, and if Ray didn’t leak, then who did? While Kim is embarrassed over the whole situation, Kanye is upset and feels disrespected.”

WARNING: Explicit content - click here to see the video.

However, it looked like Kim and Kanye maybe patched things up - they were all smiles at the Versace show last night!

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