Celebrities Who Have Dressed Up As Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian-Jennfer family, in particularly Kim, definitely stand out in their fashion choices. That's why it's so easy for other celebrities to dress up like them for fun (and of course, it makes an easy Halloween costume for us regular folk)!

Kelly Ripa hilariously imitated Kim's infamous Paper magazine cover for Halloween in 2015, fake butt and all!

That's not the first time Kelly Ripa paid homage to Kim Kardashian! She and co-host Michael Strahan also dressed up as Kim and Kanye for Halloween in 2013!

Ellen Degeneres didn't just pretend to be one of the Kardashians...she became her own member of the family: Karla Kardashian!

Busy Philips did a FULL Kim K makeover to celebrate Kim being a guest star on her Busy Tonight talk show on E! She admitted that she only managed to stay in character for 4 hours!

And of course, who could forget when Kanye launched a whole marketing campaign of other celebrities dressing up like Kim to promote his fashion line!

Including Kim's former BFF Paris Hilton:

Like them or not, you can't admit their impact on pop culture!

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