Fast Food Chains May Get Rid of Boy and Girl Toys

Members of the Michigan House of Representatives are looking to stop the distribution of gendered toys in kids' meals at fast food restaurants.

State Representative Leslie Love filed the resolution along with 14 other co-sponsors on November 28th. They are concerned that making a child choose whether they want a "girl" toy (usually something pink or a doll, etc) or a "boy" toy (usually an action figure, a car, etc) can cause long term effects on children. 

Research done by Lisa M. Dinella, Ph.D. done at Monmouth University indicates that "gender labeling of toys creates barriers to children exploring all possible toy and play experiences."

Of course, this isn't the first instance of corporations looking to move away from gender-based products - most notably, Target and Amazon both removed signs indicating gender in their kids' toy and bedding sections in 2015.

As a solution? The resolution put forth by the Representatives suggests that costumers are asked what toy the child wants specifically instead of choosing it by gender.

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