Khloe Kardashian Wants More Kids with Tristan Thompson

Khloe is obviously over the moon with her 7 month old daughter True. So much so that she apparently wants more kids?! Not surprising! What IS surprising is that she wants more children with True's dad, Tristan Thompson.

Obviously, their relationship has been off and on since he was caught cheating on her days before she gave birth. But the two have seemingly patched things up for the sake of their family, including spending Thanksgiving together in Cleveland.

A source told E! News:

"Khloe definitely wants True to have a sibling and would love to have a big family if that's what's in the cards. Things are up and down with Tristan Thompson, but she would like more kids with him. That's what she feels will make the most sense for True and their little family."

ALSO - Khloe and Kylie want to be pregnant at the same time again! Apparently it was a great bonding experiences for the sisters and they like having their children so close in age.

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