You Can Get Free Starbucks Coffee Every Day in January

Approximately 60 million customers visit a Starbucks around the world each week. If you're one of those customers, you probably know all too well how much getting a $5 PSL hurts your bank account. Luckily, Starbucks realizes that and wants to reward their loyal customers by hooking them up with free coffee (and tea!) every day in January!

Of course, there is a slight catch. You have to buy the 16-oz Brewed Refill Tumbler at any Starbucks location. It'll set you back $40, which is pretty expensive for a tumbler, BUT in the end, it'll save you money and then you have a nice, stainless steal cup to use!

The other catch is that you can't use it with specialty coffee or tea orders. So if your latte order is as long as a CVS receipt, this may not be the deal for you.

But for everyone out there who gets plain tea or coffee at Starbucks, you probably pay roughly $3 per cup - if you went every day in January, that would cost you about $90. With the refillable tumbler, you only pay $40!

That's $50 extra you can use to pay off all your credit card debt from the holiday season! Win-win.

Plus, let's be real, you're going to need all the caffeine in the world to get you back on track in January!

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