Nashville Gun Range Welcomes Bachelorette Parties!

Guns are a fairly common thing here in the south but have you heard of Royal Range USA?!

It's taken over an old movie theater in Nashville and it's ENORMOUS! 

Royal Range USA has an abundance of different things that they offer like:

  • Women's Self Defense
  • Home Defense
  • Workplace Risk Management
  • Learn To Carry

That's just a few among the normal gun range shooting practice -- they even have a HOUSE inside of the theater set-up that police officers use to train in!

So all of that looks really cool and everything BUT there was one thing on the website that kind of freaked us out haha

They throw bachelorette parties at the gun range!

**picture this -- girls wearing feather boa's, tiara's, fresh off the pedal tavern... shooting guns..**

Luckily, we actually called and spoke to them to see what the rules were for Bachelorette parties and if they even smell a hint of alcohol on you, you're kicked out!

I kind of think it's a bad ass idea to have all of your girlfriends together and go shoot guns! Bachelorette parties are supposed to be all about creating an experience and memory you'll never forget!

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