Taylor Swift Fans Think They Discovered the Theme of Her Next Album

Taylor Swift is the queen of subtly dropping hints for her fans about upcoming projects or hidden meanings behind songs. So it makes total sense that her fans are already speculating about the direction she'll be going for her 7th studio album...and they think they've solved it!

According to Swifties, they think Taylor will be doing a mermaid-themed album.

Bye bye snakes, mermaids are in this time around!

1. Her Little Mermaid costume for her New Year's Eve party

2. Multiple outfits she wore during the Reputation era with hidden mermaids

3. The Little Mermaid/1989 tie-in

4. The dress she wore to the Oscars looks like mermaid scales

Either way, fans are here for it!

Whatever the theme ends up being, we ARE READY FOR ALBUM 7!!!

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