You Can Get Married at Kensington Palace

Ever dreamed of being a royal? Well it may be too late to actually BE a royal but you can get married like one!

You can book Kensington Palace for your wedding either day or night...but it's only available a few days a year. AND it'll cost ya. Rumor has it that booking the palace for a day on the weekend will cost about $23,000.

You can not only have your wedding there but the reception as well! You could do a small wedding (up to 150 guests) in one of the palace apartments or hold the ceremony in the orangery where you can have up to 1,000 guests!

Some celebrities have already held their nuptials. Nicky Hilton got married there in 2015, wearing a beautiful, custom-made Valentino wedding dress.

To be fair, none of the royals have actually gotten married there - but they do live there! Maybe you'll catch a glimpse of Meghan or Harry or Kate or William!

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