Cardi B Breaks Down Her Monthly Expenses, Claims She has $300k in Bills

In a video posted by Complex magazine, Cardi B talks about how she doesn't like when people come after celebrities for how they spend their money. She claims that her bills are around $250,000 - $300,000 a month AND that she has to buy a lot of things to make herself look good since she's in the public eye. She also said that the IRS takes 45% of her paycheck so she needs to make $1 million in order to keep half of it.

She also goes on to say that her and other rappers take care of their whole families and they aren't able to count that as a tax deduction because it's not a "business."

Watch the whole video below:

What do you think? Should we cut celebrities some slack? It's true that we shouldn't judge what others do with their money but at the same time, they do make like 50000x what we make in a year!

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