Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Home is Terrifying

We all know that Kanye is pretty particular about everything he and his wife Kim do. So their $60 million dollar house is no exception!

Even though they had a ban on showing their home on social media, both Kim and Kanye have posted shots of their home (so, not sure how that ban is working out).

But their house is actually pretty creepy! The style of the home is very minimalistic...and EVERYTHING is white.

WHAT IF SOMEONE SPILLS SOMETHING OR BRINGS MUD IN THE HOUSE? I can't even wear a white shirt without getting it dirty, I can't imagine having a completely white home.

Also let's look at these creepy, headless statues:

Or this hallway that looks straight out of a horror movie.

And of course, most recently Kenny G got trapped in their beige house...luckily he had some nice roses to look at!

Would you live there??!

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