Teenager Falls Into a Coma and Wakes Up a New Mother

Talk about rare circumstances!

A teenager went to bed feeling unwell and was eventually taken to the hospital after she suffered multiple seizures. Medics then found out the girl was pregnant!

Ebony Stevenson apparently had a rare condition called uterus didelphys, meaning she had two uteresus - one continued to menstruate and one held her unborn baby.

She was placed into a medically induced coma to stop the seizures for 4 days - doctors ended up delivering the baby while the girl was in a coma. So when she woke up, she had a healthy baby girl! According to the baby's weight, she was carried to full-term.

Ebony named the baby girl Elodie! She said that she had no morning sickness, no baby bump and no missed period (due to the fact that her one uterus was still menstruating).

Talk about a miracle!

Source: BBC

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