Flying Trips from a Frequent Traveler

Twitter user @KhanStopMe is a frequent traveler and decided to share a thread of wisdom and tips he'd picked up over the years!

In terms of the dry air in the cabin of the plane, he said this:

And some more helpful tips that you may not think about!

If you are flying with young children, some users suggested the following:

A few other tips to take into account:

  • If you have trouble sleeping or have anxiety while flying, consider a weighted blanket
  • If you're afraid of turbulence, try jiggling your body around when you hit rough air - apparently it counteracts the movement of the plane and you don't feel it as much!
  • Roll your clothes when you pack - it's easier to fit more in the suitcase like that
  • Sync your sleep immediately if you are traveling into a different time zone

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